Advanced reporting
and data visualization components for .NET
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Universal Reporting for All Platforms
SharpShooter Reports.Enterprise is a universal reporting component offering the ability to create both standard-form reports (invoices, other reports with fixed layout) and non-standard complex industry-specific reports and ability to deliver these reports to virtually all existing platforms: Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET, HTML5 (JavaScript), Silverlight, WinRT.
Supported Data Sources

  • sql, mysql, xml,odbc;
  • any .net sources availible in your application;
  • unbound reports.
Report designs

  • multiple report types: group, column, master-detail, cross tab, parameterized, sub-reports, sidebyside reports, etc.;
  • reusable templates and master reports;
  • end user designer
Data visualization

  • dashboard-like reports with embedded charts and gauges;
  • pivot tables;
  • bar codes, shapes, pictures, labels.
Report Preview

  • Windows Forms;
  • WPF;
  • ASP.NET;
  • HTML5;
  • Silverlight;
  • WinRT.
Short learning curve and total control

  • detailed documentation;
  • extensive samples center with code snippets and user manual;
  • helpful knowledge base;
  • unlimited pre-sales technical support;
  • source code availability.
Video Resources

Creating report with Table Wizard

Supported report types

Styling reports in report designer