Advanced reporting
and data visualization components for .NET
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True Web Reporting – Ultimate HTML 5 Reporting Component
SharpShooter Reports.Web is the true cross platform report viewer as it offers the ability to deliver reports to Windows, Linux, Mac OS or even iOS and Android tablets and phones. The created reports can be easily integrated in any web sites and web pages, including MS MVC and ASP.NET apps.
SharpShooter Reports.Web Features
Report Design Convenient and user-friendly report designer
Selected Report Items Add tables, sub-reports, formatted text to your reports
Data Source Connection Connect to SQL, Oracle, ODBC, any .Net data sources
End User Capabilities HTML5 report viewer with export, print and search abilities
Rich Data Visualizations Visualize reports data with pictures, charts and gauges
General Availability of source code and royalty-free redistribution
data sources
Ultimate Report Designer

SharpShooter Reports.Web is able to create bound and unbound reports of any complexity including cross tabs, sub-reports, Side-by-side and master-detail reports, etc. Powerful and user-friendly report designer offers convenient report wizards to easily design standard, group, cross tab and table reports. It also provides at-a-click access to the following tools that help developers better manage reports: report item properties, available data sources and tree view report structure. Powerful C# and VB.NET script engine including convenient script browser and intuitive script editor makes it possible to set any report style and behavior:
Data Sources for Web Reports

SharpShooter Reports.Web supports a wide range of data sources to make integration of the component into existing system easier and faster. You can connect directly to data bases such as SQL, to .Net data sources, use multiple data sources or create unbound reports. Supported data sources are:
  • SQL, MySql, XML,ODBC;
  • Any .Net sources availible in your application;
  • Unbound reports;
detailed product documentation
report designer for Silverlight reports Rich Data Visualization

SharpShooter Reports.Web provides a rich set of data visualization elements. They include built-in charts and gauges. Ability to connect to MS Charts is also available. Rich set of visual controls, including texts (RTF, Advanced Text), shapes, pictures, bar codes (including 2D bar code and PDF 417) and zip codes is provided in the designer.
Customizable Web Report Viewer

Complete JavaScript API of the report viewer allows developers to easily add it to the web page in just 10 minutes. A set of predefined style sheets will make SharpShooter Reports.Web a good fit for any website style. Developers can also adjust each aspect of the viewer user interface and system behavior. End users will be able to quickly navigate the reports, print and export them to PDF, HTML, Excel, XPS, etc.
 report viewer
 report viewer Integration & Technology

SharpShooter Reports.Web is easily integrated in MS MVC and ASP.NET applications. Ability to use arbitrary web service to control rendering and receive data makes the component really universal to all reporting tasks. JavaScript components of the report viewer that can be added to any web page provide real flexibility to the product.
Short learning curve and total control

It’s quite easy to start working with the reporting component since the installation package includes rich support resources such as documentation and samples. Extensive knowledge base and unlimited technical support will shorten learning curve and help you integrate the product into your ASP.NET and HTML5-based applications faster. Provided support resources are:
  • Detailed documentation;
  • Extensive samles center with code snippets and user manual;
  • Helpful knowledge base;
  • Unlimited pre-sales technical support;
  • Source code availability.
detailed product documentation
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