Advanced reporting
and data visualization components for .NET
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Silverlight Viewer for Reporting Services – is the first on the market product which is intended for displaying the Reporting Services reports directly in Silverlight applications. The product includes a native Silverlight control for reports output and provides rich user experience for your RIA building: zooming, interactive sorting, panning, printing. Delicate set up of Silverlight Viewer for Reporting Services design with the use of styles and templates allows the changing of the control appearance according to the user’s demands. The full compatibility with Silverlight 3.0 provides the ability to use out-of-browser mode. Export to PDF, Excel, Html, Cvs, Xml, Mhtml, TIFF is available.
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WPF Viewer for Reporting Services is the first product on the market offering the ability to view reports generated in Reporting Services in WPF applications. It represents the report in XAML format to make it easy to add the control to any WPF app. Convenient Item Templates for Visual Studio 2008/2010/2011 will minimize setup effort. Availability of NuGet Package allows quick integration into the project.
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WinRT Viewer for Reporting Services makes it possible to view and work with SSRS reports under Windows 8. WinRT Viewer for Reporting Services can easily integrate SSRS reports into native Windows 8 XAML & WinRT based applications.
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