Advanced reporting
and data visualization components for .NET
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The Easiest Way to Integrate Microsoft Reporting Services 2008/2012 in WPF Applications
WPF Viewer for Reporting Services is a native WPF component offering the ability to view reports generated in Reporting Services in WPF applications. It represents the report in XAML format to make it easy to add the control to any WPF app.
Unrivaled User Experience

End users will be able to perform all manipulations with the reports they got used to in native Reporting Services Viewer:
  • Zoom in and out without loss of quality;
  • Pan, navigate through the report;
  • Drill-down;
  • Drill-through;
  • Export to most popular formats: PDF, HTML, Excel, XPS, RTF, etc.
  • Upload fonts from the server;
  • Print;
  • Use parameters.
Complete Customization

WPF Viewer for Reporting Services is completely customizable. Developers can setup viewer appearance to fit corporate style. The product can be easily localized to any language to address cultural needs.