Advanced reporting
and data visualization components for .NET
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Reliable and Powerful Reporting Tool for WPF
SharpShooter Reports.WPF is a native XAML-based reporting component able to design simple standard form reports as well as sophisticated industry-specific reports and deliver them to Windows Presentation Foundation
SharpShooter Reports.WPF Features
Report Design Convenient and user-friendly report designer
Selected Report Items Add tables, sub-reports, formatted text to your reports
Data Source Connection Connect to SQL, Oracle, ODBC, any .Net data sources
End User Capabilities WPF report viewer with export, print and search abilities
Rich Data Visualizations Visualize reports data with pictures, charts and gauges
General Availability of source code and royalty-free redistribution
data sources for WPF reports
Data Sources for WPF Reports

SharpShooter Reports.WPF supports various data sources and can quickly and easily integrated into the existing system. The component can connect directly to data bases, .Net data sources as well create unbound reports. Supported data sources are:
  • SQL, MySql, XML,ODBC;
  • Any .Net sources availible in your application;
  • Unbound reports.
Convenient Report Designer

Intuitive report designer help developers create WPF reports with convenient report wizards. They can design new reports, edit existing ones and even modify generated documents. Common development environment arranged by ribbon toolbar, document tree, access to data source fields, property grid requires no special skills and training. Report designer offers the ability to create:
  • Multiple report types: group, column, master-detail, cross tab, parameterized, sub-reports, SideBySide reports, etc.;
  • Reusable templates and Master reports; and
  • End user designer is available
report designer for WPF reports
data visualization in wpf reports
Data Visualization in WPF Reports

To make your WPF report more professional and understandable just add some data visualizations such as charts, gauges, tables, pictures, etc. SharpShooter Reports offers a wide range of data visualization elements that will arrange your report data in attractive and understandable manner. Data visualization tools include:
  • Embedded charts and gauges for dashboard-like reports;
  • Pivot tables;
  • Bar codes, shapes, pictures, labels.
WPF Report Viewer

This native WPF component will seamlessly integrate into your Windows Presentation Foundation apps and allow report preview, navigation, export and printing. Report viewer offers the following abilities:
  • Report preview: single page, continuous;
  • Export to PDF, HTML, Excel, and RTF;
  • Zoom of any type: percent, regional, dynamic;
  • Fast search;
  • Easy navigation;
  • Report panning;
  • Printing;
WPF report viewer
detailed product documentation
Short learning curve and total control

It’s quite easy to start working with the reporting component since the installation package includes rich support resources such as documentation and samples. Extensive knowledge base and unlimited technical support will shorten learning curve and help you integrate the product into your WPF application faster. Provided support resources are:
  • Detailed documentation;
  • Extensive samles center with code snippets and user manual;
  • Helpful knowledge base;
  • Unlimited pre-sales technical support;
  • Source code availability.
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