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Powerful Performance Management Solution

PerformancePoint Server 2007 is a powerful and convenient performance management application that allows decision makers to be in control. Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 provides all of the functionality that is needed for performance management including scorecards, dashboards, management reporting, analytics, planning, budgeting, forecasting, and consolidation. The application reaches all employees, across all business functions (finance, operations, marketing, sales, and human resources).

PerformancePoint Printing Problem

But when it comes to printing reports and dashboards in PerformancePoint, users face a real problem. PerformancePoint doesn’t provide built-in tools for printing. So users have to print out a dashboard from within Internet Explorer. And it is not a good way, as all PerformancePoint elements are printed as well.

Today this problem is solved with the PerformancePoint Print WebPart. It is an add-on solution for PerformancePoint and SharePoint, which will allow you to quickly and easily print dashboards without the extra navigational clutter. The solution removes all PerformancePoint and SharePoint elements and provides you a clean-looking report or dashboard that is ready for print.

How Does It Work?

There is nothing simpler! It is a web part and an ActiveX control solution. A small ActiveX control will be installed on the end-user computer after visiting a dashboard page. The end-user clicks the PRINT PREVIEW button and a small dialog window will open, allowing the user to see what the report will look like before printing. Then, the end-user can direct it to any printer and print.

A Few of the Selected Features of the PerformancePoint Print WebPart:

  • Light weight control;
  • Simple placing of PPS Print Preview web part onto any dashboard that you want printing enabled;
  • Customizable paper sizes by default for the dashboard;
  • Customizable paper type: landscape or portrait;
  • Customizable page margins for the report;
  • Report resizing to print onto one page;
  • Availability of Print Preview that allows you to see what you will get prior to printing;
  • Simple installation onto SharePoint 2007 or Windows SharePoint Server;
  • Work with all web part elements found in the main content page.

PerformancePoint Print WebPart is an elegant solution that will save your clients from plain messy of printed reports. With PerformancePoint you can make your PerformancePoint solution even more convenient and user friendly.

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