Advanced reporting
and data visualization components for .NET
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Ultimate Reporting, Data Analysis and Visualization
The SharpShooter Collection offers a unified development framework designed to help developers quickly build complex Business Intelligence applications. It provides a solution which simplifies software development, management, and budgeting (renewable annually), minimizes workflow disruptions, and provides unmatched value for your software investment.
SharpShooter Collection Features
Benefits Flexible licensing and professional technical support
Included Components Reporting, OLAP, gauge and charting components in a single package
General Availability of source code and royalty-free rumtime
Powerful Reporting

SharpShooter Reports features a rich set of tools to create even the most sophisticated reports with less time and effort. You can design simple, multicolumn, side-by-side, hierarchical, pivot table, sub-report reports and many others. Easy data visualization with built-in charts, gauges and images provides high performance analytical abilities.End user designer is provided.