Chart and analyze your OLAP data easily!

Today’s business faces two main problems that hinder timely and deliberate decision-making: data analysis and visualization.

Many companies continue using Excel for creating pivot table reports in spite of the fact that it is inconvenient and even a slight alteration can cause huge errors. Moreover, it is not suitable for working with large bodies of data. That is why OLAP technology is rapidly winning this marketplace. Powerful OLAP components are in increasing demand, though not all of them provide the required quality.

And there is still a problem of data visualization that is an essential part of corporate Business Intelligence. It is so difficult to find a flexible charting component that is able of creating high-quality charts that are easily integrated into the project.

Perpetuum Software LLC introduces a pack of .Net components that is an ideal solution of the stated above problems: SharpShooter OLAP™. The suite contains two fully compatible and easy-to-use products: SharpShooter OLAP™ and SharpShooter Charts™.

SharpShooter OLAP™ is a completely managed OLAP component designed for the creation of effective decision support systems. It is capable of working with huge databases. With SharpShooter OLAP™ embedded in your application, your users will be able to view any amount of data in any way considered suitable at the moment, as well as perform interactive analysis of any type and quality. The following manipulations are available: data filtering, drilling down, rolling up, dimensional pivoting, ranking, etc. An evident advantage of the product is its ability to present data with the help of data visualization components.

And you don’t need to waste your time looking for any third party components: a powerful charting solution, SharpShooter Charts™ is already included into the suite for your convenience. The library is fully compatible with SharpShooter OLAP™ and allows charting of OLAP data in a few minutes with just a few mouse clicks. The true WYSIWYG designer provides flexible chart customization and creation of complex chart configurations that are difficult to design with other similar products. The following chart types are available: Pie, Bar, Stacked Bar, Stacked100Bar, Spline, Line, Bubble, Area, Stacked Area, Stacked100Area, Stock, and Candle Stick Joint use of components allows the quick transformation of your data into valuable, useful information and charts.

So, the problems are solved: you found a powerful OLAP component that can help you manage and analyze your data and an effective charting component that is fully compatible with SharpShooter OLAP™ and provides comprehensible data visualization. No need to look for another charting solution and waste your time adjusting two products to each other.

By purchasing SharpShooter OLAP™ you save your time, money and get a one year subscription for product updates, upgrades, fixes as well as for technical support. Thus, your projects will stay current with the latest technologies.

Analyze and visualize your data easily with SharpShooter OLAP™!

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As a Gold Certified Partner in the Microsoft Partner program, Perpetuum Software has been providing a wide range of Microsoft Visual Studio components for over 8 years. Perpetuum Software product lines include WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, HTML5, Silverlight, Windoes 8 and Mobile components, and tools for SQL Server Reporting Services. Among them are .NET reporting tool, OLAP component, and such data visualization libraries as gauge and charting products.