Advanced reporting
and data visualization components for .NET
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About company

Our Mission

Perpetuum Software mission is to address developers’ necessity to create complex reporting and data visualization systems. Developer using our components should be able to implement any even the most sophisticated behavior and appearance of the report or visual component.

We do our best to make our component available in any environment and for any technology within the stack. At the moment we develop components based on .Net Framework, but we are not going to fix on it and plan to extend our presence on the market by creating components for Web.

One of our advantages is rapid reaction to innovations. We provide versions of our products compatible with new technologies simultaneously with announcement of these technologies. We are not afraid of experimental solutions; we work with them and get advantages, as we are among the first companies who announce products using the latest technologies.

Company History

In 2002, Perpetuum Software entered the IT market as a developer of professional software components for .Net Framework. Prior to April 2006, our products were sold under the trademark of our marketing partner 9Rays.Net. In 2002, Perpetuum Software released a powerful and now widely recognized report generator - SharpShooter Reports™, intended to solve the most complicated reporting and analytical tasks

In 2006, Perpetuum Software started independent marketing of the products under our own trademark. Over the years we have developed several product lines designed for Microsoft .NET Framework. The primary focus of our activity is development of components intended for reporting, interactive data processing, analysis, and visualization, including creation of real-life dashboards, device emulators, and unrivalled graphical user interfaces.

In 2008, Perpetuum Software LLC merged with Enterra Inc. – a global software development and consulting company. The aim of this advantageous merger was not only sharing technical and marketing expertise, but also establishment of a more powerful team capable of providing fast and qualitative software solutions.

In the same year Perpetuum Software LLC achieved Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status with an ISV / Software Solutions Competency.

Today Perpetuum Software LLC is a well-known software company, actively managed by a team of experienced professionals. Company has offices in Europe (Italy), USA (Florida, Tampa), Latin America (Brazil, Sao Paolo). For more than10 years 6,000+ clients from 70+ countries have been using Perpetuum Software products.

Corporate Credo

Our organization is built on inherent values that provide us with great strength. They are:

People: Perpetuum Software Team is comprised of knowledgeable professionals that will provide you great developer experience, unrivaled technical assistance and highly-qualified support. Our employees are the foundation of our success! Individual dignity is valued and we encourage cultural diversity of all employees, treating everyone with respect.

    Education and degrees
  • 90% of our software engineers have a Master’s degree
  • 10% have a Ph. D.

  • 40% are Microsoft Certified Professionals and Microsoft Certified Solution Developers

Teamwork: Every employee of Perpetuum is a part of an efficient functioning team. We harmonize our contributions and work towards a common goal. Team building is not a one-time event for us - it’s our philosophy and corporate culture. We work well together, and our customers recognize it.

Customer Success: We identify and meet our customers’ needs a key to a continued successful business relationship. It’s our top priority as a company. No matter how good our products are, the one thing that separates Perpetuum Software from other vendors is our ability to ensure customer satisfaction.

Business Ethics: We respect our customers, act and speak ethically. Business ethics is the fabric of our strategies and drives our corporate culture.