The Easiest Way to Add Intellectual Diagramming to Your Silverlight Apps

SharpShooter Diagrams™ is a set of components that allows adding the unified designer for the creation of flow charts, org charts, other diagram types and specialized graphics to your Silverlight application. Googling will offer you a plenty of analogous solutions and it’s quite problematic to choose the solution that will completely fit you. What makes SharpShooter Diagrams™ unique? Our development is a base for our own commercial online diagram designer that is used by thousands of users all over the world. So, we are really eating our own dog food! And since all code goes to the online application, we have to add only those features that are in real demand for end users and have to prove it in battle conditions.
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Comprehensive Diagramming Tool for Your End Users

Diagram designer offers access to 400+ pre-designed shape elements (UML, BPMN, Flow chart, Org chart, Floor plan, Venn, etc.) that are completely customizable intellectual objects. Special adorners help users interactively change shape form and properties. Creation of user-defined shapes is also available. Pre-set styles, themes, layouts (radial, spring, shuffle, hierarchy, cell) will definitely decrease time for design and make the created diagrams look more professional. Automatic links layout avoiding extra intersections, merger of parallel lines and setting small eyelets at the intersection points makes diagrams more understandable and attractive. Users can save, print and export documents to PNG and SVG, which adds more value to your product.
Perfect Silverlight Diagramming Component for Developers

SharpShooter Diagrams is a native Silverlight 5 component that offers programmatic access to all diagram elements and make it possible to setup any diagram structure and behavior no matter how complex they are. Nevertheless, the product is very easy to explore as it comes with an ultimate Samples Center including hundreds of samples with detailed description and complete source code of the samples. SharpShooter Diagrams is royalty-free, licenses are required only for developers. Source code is available.
report designer for Silverlight reports
data sources for Silverlight reports
SAAS Designer for Cost-effective Implementation of Diagrams

If you don’t need to include design/editing features into your application, you can take advantage of SharpShooter Diagrams Viewer – a unique set of software services and components allowing you to add ready diagrams to your application without integrating a designer. You simply design diagrams you need in a full featured web designer – Grapholite, and display them in your application using the customizable viewer component. Grapholite provides the same set of advanced diagram design features as SharpShooter Diagrams and whenever you need to add design/editing features to your app, you can always upgrade to SharpShooter Diagrams Designer Standard or Professional edition.

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