SharpShooter Charts Features

Chart Design

True WYSIWIG Designer True WYSIWIG designer.
Intuitive designer interface streamlines the development of advanced and nonstandard charts, which can be created from scratch. Any chart element can be modified with a mouse. Chart customization doesn’t require knowledge of object model or use of WIZARD. The designer is available both at design and run time.
Advanced data binding model.
Chart Model Kit allows the creation of bound and unbound charts. Bound charts can be designed with the help of expression language. Sorting and grouping by any criterion is available. Moreover, it’s possible to use multiple data sources in a single chart and also hierarchic data sources: every element of the upper level can be represented as a separate series built by the nested elements.
Visually appealing charts Visually appealing charts.
The use of advanced GDI+ capabilities (gradient fills, alpha blending, antialiasing, etc.), imitation of 3D effects and a wide range of palettes allow a developer to create visually appealing charts.
Template-based charts
Template-based charts.

SharpShooter Charts package provides a comprehensive set of 180 ready-made 2D charts, any of which can be used as a template. So there is no need to design them from scratch. This makes the process of charts creation less time-consuming.
Export to SVG, Flash, BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF.
It is possible to print a chart.

Chart Model

Unique object architecture Unique object architecture.
Unique object architecture of the product provides an ability to combine objects arbitrarily allowing the creation of chart configurations that are difficult or impossible to build using other approaches. Open architecture allows the building of non-standard chart elements and series. Layout management allows the automatic placement of elements with the alignment according to the chart properties or manual positioning of each element.
Comprehensive set of standard chart elements 
A set of series types is available
Comprehensive set of standard chart elements.
The library includes a set of chart elements such as axes, labels, legends, titles etc. It is possible to use arbitrary number of diagrams, legends, labels, axes, etc in a single chart.

A set of series types is available: Pie, Bar, Stacked Bar, Stacked100Bar, Spline, Line, Bubble, Area, Stacked Area, Stacked100Area, Stock, and Candle Stick.
Constant expansion of the charts library Constant expansion of the charts library.
The package of the product contains more than 180 ready-made charts, designed in 10 different styles. The library of charts is being constantly expanded and the collection grows from one product version to another.
Support of different units of measurement  Support of different units of measurement.


General The product is written in C# and contains only managed code.
Windows Forms and Web Forms Viewer.

SharpShooter Charts is fully compatible with .NET Framework 2.0/3.5/4.0 and also with the most popular .NET IDE – Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010.
Royalty-Free Runtime Royalty-Free Runtime.
SharpShooter Charts is runtime royalty-free. This means that developers can distribute SharpShooter Charts with their application to end-users without any additional fees.
Easy to deploy Easy to deploy.
In order to make the application which uses SharpShooter Charts work on a user’s machine, it is only necessary to copy a few DLLs to the program directory.
The product source code
The product source code is included in the package of the professional version of the product.
Integration with SharpShooter Reports, SharpShooter OLAP, SharpShooter Gauges Integration with SharpShooter Reports, SharpShooter OLAP, SharpShooter Gauges.

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