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Creation of .NET software system for contractors with SharpShooter Reports

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Chris Holland is a computer programmer who is using mainly C# and Chris also has experience of C++, Win32 and ASP.NET. Besides .NET WinForms programming in C#, database and SQL programming, he is involved in real time industrial control programming.
My Project
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Now I collaborate with Software House specializing in Electrical Contractors quoting, costing, invoicing etc. My project Cypher1 is a complete suite of software that enables contractors to undertake the day to day tasks of running their businesses in a simple but efficient manner. Thus, I tried to create flexible, time-tested software based on what contractors want most in accounting, management information, and job costing systems - reliability, adaptability, user-friendliness, reporting functions and value. In order to realize reporting functions I was looking for an advanced and easy-to-use report generator. My key requirements were:

Costing Report

  • Ability to run under .NET
  • Ability to use Dataset, Objects and just about anything I want as a data source
  • Easy-to-use end user report designer
  • Export to Rtf, PDF and Excel (amongst others)

I’ve evaluated the DevExpress component and SharpShooter Reports by Perpetuum Software LLC. The DevExpress Report Designer failed to fulfil my requirement for ability to use any data sources. Evaluating SharpShooter Reports I found out that this pure .Net component allows me to use unlimited number of .Net data sources for reports creation. The reports can export the generated reports to the most formats including to RTF, PDF, Excel and others. Easy-to-use End-User Designer allows a user to modify both report templates and final documents. These SharpShooter Reports features help me to develop functional comprehensive software to ease my client work. I’m very pleased with the results of my work with SharpShooter Reports.

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