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VTU Energy specializes on highly-customized software solutions for the power industry. Customized plant simulation models provide exact and reliable information to lead the plant personnel to the right operational decisions and to predict future plant operation for generation planning and trading.

The Product

We are using SharpShooter Reports by Perpetuum Software in two products: DAREIOS PASS and VTU REXS (Risk Expert System), and both of them require very complicated and advanced reporting.

For example, DAREIOS PASS, our Plant Accounting and Settlement System provides our customers with very powerful and reliable functionality and reporting is essential almost in all of the main features, such as:

  • Archiving of raw and processed data
  • Fuel Demand Models
  • Tariff calculation for metered production, production capacity, availability and fuel efficiency
  • Manual data input and reporting
  • Invoice generation
  • Access control and logging of system interactions
  • Data export and display

The Challenge

When we have been planning the development of the DAREIOS PASS and VTU REXS, choosing the right reporting tool has been one of the main challenges. The tool must be powerful enough to meet all our requirements, such as support for sub-reports, easy but flexible report designer, support for C# while reports creating, etc.

The Solution

We tested several reporting tools by different criteria but stopped our research after one of the most complicated tests: creating a large report which consists of a range of sub-reports with different page layouts. The reports designer is easy-to-use and, at the same time, offers a wide range of features. Thus, SharpShooter Reports fitted our requirements, including the one that was the most complicated for us: generating one large report which had 300+ pages and consisted of 20+ sub-reports where all of them had different layout. The component saved a lot of time in development of the products and their delivery to our customers.

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