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I have been in the IT consulting business for over 15 years. Currently I work as a Country Manager in a small Scandinavian software company. My specialty is advanced ERP integration and customization projects. While I have never worked as a full-time software developer, I have always done a bit of development on the side of other things. For the last 8-9 years, my main development environment has been Visual Studio and C#.


I was working on a warehouse management system that the customer uses for processing goods receipts and deliveries at their warehouse. There are numerous printouts needed at the warehouse: picklists, box labels, delivery notes and freight bills just to name a few. With this amount of different printouts required and some of them being fairly complex, I came to the conclusion that we need a possibility to modify print layouts at runtime. Otherwise we would very soon end up with a maintenance hell. An additional requirement was that the customer should not need to buy additional software licenses to use this feature.


After doing a bit of research on the web, I came across Perpetuumsoft’s Report SharpShooter. It seemed that the component had all the features that I needed in a package that could simply be “plugged in” to my project. The price was very reasonable – basically it would pay itself back with the first completed project. I decided to give it a try and became immediately hooked. SharpShooter is easy to use, very flexible and provides great power of expression. I have used a lot of different layout editors over the years, and SharpShooter is simply the most fun to use. The runtime design feature is very much appreciated by the customers. SharpShooter gives your application a very professional touch.

Henry Nordstorm
.NET ModelKit user since 2006