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What's New in SharpShooter Gauges
What’s new in SharpShooter Gauges 7.3.1 (09/08/2015)

New: Visual Studio 2015 support;

SharpShooter Gauges™ 7.0.1 (10.02.2013)

Added: Redo button in the designer;
Added: Ability to open the widget with wizard and merge;
Added: Open and Merge function in the designer;
Added: Bindings for Start and CenterPoint of all linear gauges;
Added: Scale Maximum and Scale Minimum are now real;
Fixed: Issue with ticks length;
Fixed: Incorrect docking;
Fixed: Serialization of PictureSet and other elements;

SharpShooter Gauges™ 7.0 (09.04.2013)

New: About 200 new business gauges to visualize your business data;

New:Completely re-styled gauge designer

  • Ribbon interface: most settings are moved from the property grid to the ribbon toolbar;
  • New toolbox: it’s possible to drag and drop gauge elements onto the work area;
  • Context tabs for the gauge elements;

Restyled Gauge Designer

New: Choosing of the Ticks docking type from the dropdown list;
New: Quick elements binding; developers just need to choose binding type from the dropdown list instead of writing complicated expressions;

Smart bindings and docking types

New: Automatic layout of the gauge elements depending on the size and shape;

Automatic layout of gauge elements

New properties for the Needle element: Center and Center Partition that allow easier binding to the center of the joint.

New pointer properties

New: Addition of new scale elements (scale marks, scale labels, etc.) is now easier. They can be added exclusively in the scale container by choosing the appropriate scale from the dropdown list. If no scale is available, it will be created automatically. This mechanism eliminates errors when creating or editing gauges;
New: Addition of the Slider and Scale elements requires selecting the parent element. Convenient setup dialogs help developers avoid errors;

Correct creation of the gauge structure

Added: Ability to handle click event in the Push button element;

SharpShooter Gauges™ 6.1.0 (17.01.2012)

New: Samples center.
New: Ability to set custom style for 7-segment digits in gauges.
New: Added pre-designed gauges.

SharpShooter Gauges™ (13.02.2009)

Fixed: Setting of the slider step;
New: Ability to add push buttons to the gauge;
New: Ability to add new gauge elements directly into the gauge tree view;
New: 90 new gauges designed in 10 styles;
Improved: SharpShooter Gauges Samples Center and Wizard include newly designed gauges.

SharpShooter Gauges™ 3.8 (28.04.2008)

New: Support for Visual Studio 2008. You will able to use all products included in the SharpShooter Collection™, if you decide to upgrade to the most advanced and effective Microsoft tools.
Improved: SharpShooter Gauges™ and SharpShooter Charts™ sample centers are amplified. New charts and instruments using new attractive styles are added.
Improved:Updated user interface in all designers and viewers. New icons on the toolbars will make your application even more professional.
Improved:Localization to basic languages is complete.
Fixed:Minor errors and bugs are fixed.

SharpShooter Gauges™ 3.7 (12.03.2007)

New: DigitalText instrument element. This element is intended for the display of text and numbers using LED markers;

New: Mechanism for bevels setting makes the process of unique instruments development less time consuming;

Redesigned: Templates library. Now, instruments, created on the basis of new templates, will advantageously distinguish with their attractive appearance;

Improved: Custom functions are available in the visual expressions editor. By setting your own function for instruments creation you will save your time and efforts.

SharpShooter Gauges™ 3.6 (10.10.2007) New: Support for Visual Studio smart tags functionality provides access to the SharpShooter Gauges™ components’ common properties in a smart tag window, invoked by a mouse pointer.

SharpShooter Gauges™ (12.09.2007)

Fixed: Problem with design-time components licensing appeared on Windows Vista x64.
Fixed: Some other slight problems with licensing.

SharpShooter Gauges™ 3.5 (25.07.2007)

New: The localization of the Sample Center allows the developer to examine the example in the chosen language.

SharpShooter Gauges™ 3.0 (17.05.2007)

New: Pure .NET 2.0 component.
New: Designer. It is possible to easily manage elements’ visibility, smoothness, define if the element is active or not, change elements’ style, font and size if applicable from the designer toolbar. Fill editor can also be invoked by clicking an appropriate button. The following fill types are available: solid, gradient, multigradient, spherical, hatch, and conical. You can also set a line style including line width, color, type, etc.
Improved: Visual Interface. Automatic layout of localized interface elements allows the correct displaying and positioning of these elements in the property grid and on the toolbar.

SharpShooter Gauges™ 2.3 (24.01.2007)

New: The UseRoundValues property allows the display of round values on the axis and in the grid in the most convenient manner.

SharpShooter Gauges™ 2.1 (10.13.2006)

New: High-level elements: RangedLevel, LinearLevel, Tank, ScaleTitle, ScaleMarks, Hightlight, Gear.
New: A Unified Samples Browser.
New: The ConicalFill fill type.
Improved: Scale architecture:
  1. It is possible to perform an automatic layout of such scale elements as ticks and labels taking into account the specified values, font, size etc.
  2. MimLimit and MaxLimit properties that can be assigned both in absolute and relative values. It is possible to assign the Auto value.
  3. The Origin property allowing a developer to assign a reference point manually taking into account the step.
  4. The Step property which makes it possible to specify the interval value between divisions. When the Auto value is specified for the Step property the interval is defined subject to the number of divisions on the scale.
Improved: The Labels element.
  1. The Fill and Stroke properties which are used for background and frame drawing can be used now for each single label.
  2. The Position property allows labels alignment
  3. The OddLabelDistance property provides space-saving layout of labels due to the shift of odd labels in relation to even ones.
  4. The CustomLabels element has been amplified with the Value property allowing exact positioning of each label on the scale. This new property can be assigned in absolute or relative values or take the Auto value.
Improved: Instruments designer interface. It provides access to any properties of the visual element with a mouse clicks. Elements under the mouse pointer are automatically highlighted.

SharpShooter Gauges™ 1.6 (04.01.2006)

Improved: Expression editor. It provides now a convenient visual interface for writing expressions using all available expression language constructions and elements, as well as data source fields, while viewing and editing.