Advanced reporting
and data visualization components for .NET
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Professional reporting component for .Net for only $95.00!

Free .Net Report Generator SharpShooter Reports Express is a version of the well-known report generator, which provides developers with the base functionality of the product. The available features enable you to create professional reports for Windows Forms applications. Save hundreds of dollars, a standard price for reporting engines of such high class!

SharpShooter Reports Express provides developers with wide capabilities for creating professional reports, however it is not possible for end users to change and modify final documents. The end user designer is available in any other product edition except for the SharpShooter Reports Lite Edition.

This version features abilities for designing Windows Forms applications and includes the WinForms Viewer component. You can print out a final document from it. Reports export is limited. SharpShooter Reports Express has an open plug-in architecture, which allows developers to add custom functionality, even to create custom export filters.

The Express version contains limited in use charting and pivot table components. So, you can evaluate the plenty of capabilities of visual data presentation provided by these components, but you can not use them in commercial applications.

SharpShooter Reports Express is not shipped with the source code for the product. It is available only with the purchase of the SharpShooter Reports Professional Edition.

Except for the mentioned limitations, SharpShooter Reports Express supports the rest of product functionality described on the Product page and Product Features page.

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