Advanced reporting
and data visualization components for .NET
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SharpShooter Reports.Silverlight – powerful report generator supporting Silverlight technology.

Working with SharpShooter Reports.Silverlight provides developers with:
  1. Ability to create Web reports of the next generation.

  2. Favorite programming language.
    Silverlight works within the .Net Framework subset. Now you, as a .Net developer, can easily and simply create advanced Web applications using your favorite programming languages (C#, VB.Net and so on). Time is money; spend it on development, not examination!

  3. Ideal IDE.
    Silverlight projects are developed in Visual Studio. Today, this IDE is the best among the systems of this kind due to the possibility to write code more quickly and easily.

  4. Web report quality comparable with quality of desktop one.
    You can display reports filled with graphics, animation, media components in a web browser. Using Silverlight Report Viewer you will see that web reports look exactly like their desktop analogue. This became possible due to built-in fonts, vector graphics, gradient fills, semi transparency, formatted text, etc.

  5. Report appearance which can satisfy the most sophisticated requirements.
    Report appearance can be set by styles and templates presented in the product. You can design custom styles and templates which will make your report stylish and original.

  6. Immediate report delivery.
    The Report Manager component is located on the server side. When reports are changed or modified by developer or designer, all users immediately receive new report versions.
Working with reports created with SharpShooter Reports.Silverlight provides users with:
  1. Economy of time and effort.
    You will avoid problems with programs installation, setup and administration since the work with reports can be done on any OS and doesn’t require additional software. All you should do is to open the report in internet browser.

  2. Saving of traffic.
    All reports are stored on the server side. Silverlight Report Viewer allows the load of the needed pages. Thus, by uploading separate necessary pages you save not only traffic, but time for download.

  3. Ability to preview reports as in desktop applications.
    Do everything you used to: zoom reports, use various report preview modes, export reports to PDF, HTML and RTF, quickly find necessary information in the report, easily navigate the report, pan and scroll reports. Use all advantages of Web applications of the next generation!

  4. Possibility to keep in focus all the needed information.
    Due to unique SmartReportView™ technology all manipulations with reports are smoothly animated. No sudden changes on the display occur when you scroll, zoom in or out or navigate the report; it allows you not to lose the necessary information from the focus.

  5. Reports history.
    Report viewer stores all user manipulations over reports. Now, in case of a need, you always can return to the previous view.

  6. Printing from Silverlight Viewer.
    Now it is possible to print SharpShooter Reports reports from Silvelright Viewer.
SharpShooter Reports.Silverlight is available for preview.