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Roberto Marra 02/01/2012 11:24
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Hello Everybody,
since we are changing our Company Logo, now we alredy ordered paper with the Logo printed. Now on the old report we used to have, I deleted some img to fit with the new paper.

Problem is that in our application the user can as well send invoices by email, just pressing the email button. How can I use the same report and when I have to phisically print out on a printer dosn't show the logo, and when I press the email button, the report include the logo, that is an img file?

Thank you
Dmitry Plutalov 02/27/2012 04:56
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Hello Roberto,

Please, clarify what components do you use in your application (Windows Forms viewer, Silverlight viewer, WPF Viewer, Web Forms viewer or newly designed javascript web viewer)?
How do you create email message to be sent?

Best regards,
Perpetuum Software Support Team
Roberto Marra 02/27/2012 05:07
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Hi Dmitry,
Im so sorry I completely forgot about this thread I opened. Truth is that I solved by myself, in any case I'm using ReportSharpShooter within SAP Business One, so thru SAP I found the way to handle that.

Apoligize for that and thanx for your reply

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